Carpentry Work in Golden CO

Years of construction experience have made Hillcrest Construction, Inc. the go-to choice for homeowners who need interior and exterior improvements. Specifically, we’re proud to offer our services as a carpenter in Golden, CO. Our scope of carpentry work serves the diverse needs of homeowner as they seek to maintain and improve their homes. Some of the many projects we regularly take on include:


Trim Work

Moldings and other trim work demand expert craftsmanship. Whether you’re shadow boxing a wall, adding new crown molding or simply putting in a chair rail, it’s a job best left to an interior carpenter in Golden, CO. We welcome all types of trim work and aim to accent your home with only the best craftsmanship.

Ceiling Water Damage

Water Damage

Has water from a leaky roof or recent plumbing problem caused damage to your home? Call us for repairs after the water is remediated. We’ll put our expert carpentry skills to work for you, ensuring your home’s integrity is restored to a like-new condition.



If you have built-ins, staircases or ornamental woodwork that’s part of your home, call us to have it repaired, maintained or altered. We have a deep respect for millwork and do our part to make sure it contributes to the uniqueness and allure of your home, no matter what room it’s in.



Are there improvements you’d like made to your home? If they demand the precision and craftsmanship of a carpenter, give us a call! We’re happy to build, improve and renovate, putting our skills to work for the betterment of your home.

We Can Handle Your Carpentry Project

If you have a project involving carpentry, count on the team at Hillcrest Construction, Inc. We’re experienced carpenters who take pride in our work and don’t settle for anything less than excellence. For more information about our capabilities or to inquire about a project in your home, contact us today at 303-880-6395.
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