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Commercial roofing requires specialized products and techniques to ensure long-term reliability. The large surface area and relative low slope of commercial flat roofs is something the team at Hillcrest Construction, Inc. is equipped to deal with, and we rely on Conklin Roof Coating Systems to deliver superior results to our customers. Conklin products are the gold standard for roof weatherproofing in Golden, CO.
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Types of Roof Coating

There are several distinct types of acrylic roofing coatings, each with its own benefits depending on the application. We have roof coating solutions for commercial roofs of all sizes and types, ensuring you get the right option for your property. Some of the great options from Conklin we stand behind include:

  • Membrane Coating System
  • Fabric Reinforced Systems
  • Polyurethane Spray Foam
  • Treated Single-Ply Systems

Properly applied, anyone of these roof coating systems will keep water at bay, protect from extensive UV exposure and protect the building for years and years to come. Ask our knowledgeable team about which option may be right for your property.
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Why Invest Conklin

Why Invest in Roof Coating?

Not only is a roof coating extremely cost effective for commercial roofing, it also offers property owners benefits in both the short- and long-term. Quick application times, thorough installation and affordability top the list. Take a look at a few more reasons to make the investment in roof coating when your building’s roof needs to be addressed:

  • Far less expensive than Roof Replacement in Golden, CO
  • Building won’t be vulnerable to weather while the roof is torn off
  • Roof coating won’t add to a landfill because there’s no removal
  • Roof coating systems are very energy efficient, reducing UV heat gain

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Enjoy the Best Roofing Protection

Hillcrest Construction, Inc. stands behind Conklin roof coating products and the tremendous results they deliver. We invite you to learn more about the exceptional return on investment available through roof coating! Contact us today at 303-880-6395 for more information about the roof coating products we advocate.
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